«Exquisite: precise, perfectly balanced,
interpretively fresh performances,
couched in consistently warm hues»



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Cuarteto Quiroga

«What the Cuarteto Quiroga offered us was an absolute experience of world-class rank. What these musicians gave us with eloquent colours and passionate sound was fascination and splendor. On the top of that, we should add sharpness and a sophisticated, vehement technique with a breathtaking intonation, which opened for the audience new dimensions of the works performed. The four outstanding players were coming together in such an elastic and elegant way that the concert became a sheer pleasure. In a few words: this was the best concert of the genre one has heard in this region in a long time.»

– Münchner Merkur (Munich)

«An amazing gift […] these performers demonstrated breathtaking intonation and kept the texture exceptionally clear and transparent in the passages of this highly complex polyphony […] Cuarteto Quiroga impresses with its beautifully balanced ensemble playing, their amazing attention to detail and a breadth of understanding of both the structure of each piece and also their own place in the history of the string quartet.»

Peninsula Reviews (San Francisco – Carmel, California, USA)

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